When it comes to accessibility, technology is so very important to me. So, when I started researching for the right camera for me, it took a lot of time. First, I had to make a list of options that I needed and required. Everything from the weight of the camera, option buttons, viewing screen and so on. The camera I have chosen is the Panasonic Lumix FZ300, an amazing camera. My reasoning for choosing it is, because the lens does so much. I don’t need to change it. That is very helpful to me.  
When it came to accessories, there were things like a remote flash adapter, because just adding a flash to the camera would make it heavy for me to handle. Tripods are another thing. Even a basic one I had to make sure it would be easy for me to lengthen the legs and close them back up by myself. I also find a monopod very helpful to keep the camera steady. I can carry it around with the camera mounted on it.
When it comes to photo editing, there is some amazing software out there and devices as well. One device I use is called the Loupedeck +. The dials and sliders are very sensitive and easy for me to handle. I do not need to use a computer mouse.
It’s amazing to be able to find technology that doesn’t require modifications. Sometimes you find stuff that needs a little or a lot of modifications. So in summery, all of my equipment that I have and use, is carefully researched and picked out.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 Camera
My remote cable is a Panasonic DMW-RSL1 Remote Shutter Release

This cable makes things easier for me to take pictures.
Pacsafe Camsafe 75 Neck Strap

I picked this type of strap because it was easy for me to put over my head. It's not a floppy type of strap.
Godox TT350 Flash

This type of flash comes with a stand, so there's no need to mount it on the camera which makers things heavier.
Godox X1 Flash Remote

My reasoning for a flash remote is because, having the flash on the camera, makes it heavier for me to handle the camera

This quick release plate serves many purposes for me. For example if I'm taking pictures on the ground or on a table. No need for tripod.
Loupedeck+ Plus Photo and Video Editing Console

For me personally, you can't get any more accessibility than this technology.
Manfrotto Befree Live Video Tripod   /   Koolehaoda 288
koolehaoda professional Ball Head double Panoramic Head with Quick Release Plate For Camera Tripod,Maximum load

Platypod Max mini tripod base for low angle, tabletop and travel photography
Reasoning For My Camera Strap Setup

Look at me in the picture. You will notice that I have the strap over my left shoulder and the strap comes under my right arm. This way the strap is not in my way when looking through the viewer. For that reason, I have the end of the straps both connected on the right side of the camera.
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